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Boudoir Specialist 

Welcome!! I'm so glad your here ! Boudoir is one of my favorite types of photography because it is so empowering for my clients. I have experience with all body shapes and sizes and will pose you in positions that are the most flattering for your body. 

I offer a few types of boudoir packages depending on your needs and desires.   Once your session is booked I will send you a welcome guide to help prepare you for your session. It goes over steps of what to wear and how to look your best for your photos. :) Once your session is complete I try to get you a preview within 48-72 hours and your full gallery back to you within  7-10 business days.  Need yours in a rush? We can discuss expedited service ;) just shoot me a message!

Hair and makeup services can be added for an additional cost.

Please email or message me through my boudoir group and I will give you all the pricing details :)


Want to see more Boudoir by me? I now have a private facebook group where I share lots of intimate photos as well as tips, tricks, and specials! This is a girls only group! Sorry fellas! 

Ladies, If you want to join click below! 

Are you Nervous? Scared you wont know how to pose? Scared you will make weird faces or not know how to plan your outfits?  Take a look at some of these testimonies from my past boudoir clients :) .................

I decided to do a boudoir shoot for my fiancé’s wedding gift after some inspiration from this group (shh don’t tell him 🤫), and ladies... I am SO GRATEFUL that I did! I’ve been uncomfortable in my own skin for so long (as so many of us are) and I left the shoot with Kassie feeling sexy, confident, fierce, strong, and capable. I felt like I overcame a fear with grace and when I got these teaser photos, I thought to myself “I can’t believe that’s me!” To be honest, I scheduled this shoot to please my soon to be husband, but in the end I realized that the person who grew the most from the experience was myself!

Kassie was amazing to work with to say the least. We laughed the whole session and there was never a dull moment because she made me feel so comfortable. I encourage every woman to try boudoir and discover a more intimate version of yourself! Trust me, you’re worth it.

Thanks so much Kassie!

Going into all of my sessions I was a little nervous because like most, I’m self conscious of my body. Once I got in there and started the process, I felt confident! I knew that the pictures would turn out amazing and I was so happy with my experience each time I did boudoir! I was so anxious to get them back! When I seen my pictures, I felt super happy, even more confident and most importantly I felt beautiful! Your work is amazing, you are amazing and I can’t wait till we do another session!! ♥️♥️♥️

I came within a gnats ass of canceling because I was like I'm not built for this and I'm old! After makeup and hair and the first few poses I was like, ok think I got this lol the rest of the day I felt beautiful and the sneak peaks made me cry, was that really ME? Kassie your a doll! Your kind nature just made it so much easier and I can't wait to book my next one for my 50th b-day

I was nervous before going in. Like really nervous. I was/am insecure about parts of my body. Hair and makeup got the ball rolling on my confidence level that day. Kassie posed me in ways that hid my problem areas. I didn't know what to expect in my pictures, all I know is I WANTED TO SEE THEM. When I got my sneak peek pics, I was like whaaaatttt. That's not me. But it was, and I was HOT. I haven't said that about myself in YEARS. So, hats off to kassie know her shit. Just saying. Btw, it took me like 10+ years to actually do it, so dont wait as long as I did.

 I was Nervous AF. 🙃 Once I finished my pictures the confidence boost was in full force lol my honey took me out to dinner that night and we made it a date night. Little did he know what happened just hours before! In just a few days I had all the pictures and I was STUNNED. I kept thinking who is that??! My man was definitely surprised 🥰 can't wait to do another one!!

I have never felt more beautiful in my life when I saw these! I made the trip all the way from Charleston, SC and it was worth every penny! Thank you Kassie!

Okay- this one is for the ladies who are worried about what *might* prevent them from looking and feeling gorgeous doing boudoir with Kassie.

Here is a list of what actually happened to me leading up to this shoot:
- I had a really high bar from a previous boudoir shoot with Kassie that part of me thought there was no way she could come close to meeting.
- I had intended to do some exercises daily to tone up a bit leading up to the shoot, but life happened and I maybe did them half a dozen days across 3.5 months.
- I literally don’t know how to have short hair. I’ve always had long hair and used rollers/irons to curl it, but I shaved my head last summer in support of a friend and it is growing back as this uber-curly thing that I have no control over at all. Any given day it is somewhere between Napoleon Dynamite and the villain from the first Incredibles movie.
- I fell in love with this lingerie online, then still ordered it despite it being 3” too small in the waist and 4” too small in the waist. (To be clear: I do not recommend this and would not do it again- but it happened.)
- I was extra bloated because I got my period 2 days before the shoot, which was more than a week early.
- I have cystic acne. During the shoot I had the worst breakout I have had in years all across my back, chest, and hairline around my face.
- I was put on a medication that made my skin super sensitive to sunlight and it would burn with just a few minutes direct exposure. 
- And worst of all... I had a lady-leak *DURING* hair and makeup that ruined 2 of the 3 elements in my outfit.

Yes, all of that... yet, the day of the shoot was still the *BEST* day I have had of 2019 so far! I booked with a couple girlfriends and we made a day of it. I absolutely will do this again. I hope that this helps even just one person gain the confidence to take the step they have been hesitant about and Book with Kassie! Also, the photos speak for themselves...

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