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Grow your Skills & Knowledge

mentoring opportunities 

I am often asked, Do you offer mentoring? Can I tag along with you on shoot? How did you learn what you know?  Can I pick your brain? Can you show me how to shoot in manual? 

Working as a full time wedding photographer keeps me very busy but I also want to be able to help the next one in line by sharing insight on how I have turned a passion into a career.  Keep in mind this is me offering knowledge and direction on a skill that is my full time job. I am teaching a skill and art. Its not just about taking a photo. 

I will now offer the following mentor sessions

A. One on one Video Chat or coffee meetup  $150 30 min 

 This is a chance for you to meet up with me and discuss certain aspects you want to know more about including but not limited to Manual mode, general camera use, business aspects, booking, software, and more. Basically you get my undivided attention to pick my brain and take notes in a relaxed setting :) ( With current pandemic this option can be done over the phone or through zoom)

B. One on One Shooting- $250  30 min 

 This allows us to meet up and work together one on one with your camera, answer any questions you may have and get the feel for your camera and lighting or improve your basic knowledge. 

C. One on One Shooting with a provided model or couple- $350 1 hour ( great for portfolio building) 

With one on one shooting with a model you really get the full benefit by getting personal direction but you also get experience with posing and client interaction.  This experience make  a relaxed and beneficial lea​rning  experience and can result in some beautiful images to add to your portfolio :)


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